A short, sweet, wild journey

Barn owls by Dave Steel

It was a wet and windy day on the mosslands today but our intrepid birder Dave Steel continued his 30 Days Wild adventure.

The rain lashed on my bedroom window, the wind flipped the blinds, it was surely wild out there today. The end...well not quite.

These days I have a reasonable set of waterproofs and, in spite of its ageing appearance, my skin still holds off any amount of rain that the day cares to throw at it. Therefore, there was only one thing to do, up, out and onto the Moss.

Life for the 365-day wildlife that survive out in the open seemed to be carrying on quite normally. I noted it. My camera and binoculars seemed not too happy with the airing I was giving them but needs must and I trundled on.

A brief dry spell took over and, as with a light switch throwing bright into a room, the Wild illuminated my day as a barn owl, not just one but two, swept into the dry and performed the ballet of life as they quartered a wonderfully overgrown patch of the moss.

Camera stopped its grumbling and leapt into action doing its best to cope with my amateurish attempts to record this, well what can I say, wild, oh so beautiful, encounter that this soggy day gave to me.

Rain returned, owls into cover and I continued on my three and a half hours wander, only cut short as I have to be back early today.