Bolton Environmental Resource Centre

Bolton Environmental Resource Centre

Bolton ERC

Our fully-equipped education centre in Bolton sits on the edge of the magnificent wildlife haven, Seven Acres Local Nature Reserve. With the emphasis on outdoor learning in the 2014/15 curriculum, why not let our experts help take away some of your headaches with one of our fantastic curriculum linked sessions.

The nature reserve contains a variety of habitats including woodlands, grasslands, ponds and Bradshaw Brook — a fantastic urban river. Facilities include two purpose built classrooms, the larger of which can accommodate groups of up to 60 children. Our large classroom has an interactive smartboard to help introduce those tricky subjects but the real classroom is outside the window!


River Studies

What better way for your students to describe and understand the key aspects of rivers and the water cycle than by getting your wellies wet in Bradshaw Brook?

This accessible river allows students to undertake fieldwork to observe, measure and record physical features in their local environment including velocity, depth, water quality and rocks.

Discovering Habitats

Compare the differences between woodlands, grasslands, pond and rivers. This is a perfect session to deliver KS1 and 2 Science, especially animals, all living things and their habitats, and rocks.

Peter Cairns/2020VISION

Adaptations and interdependence

Looking at a dragonfly nymph through a magnifying glass brings this subject to life!

Food chains

A combination of minibeast investigations and interactive games.

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