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Derek Moore

Our Speaker Team

Our volunteer speaker team (below) provide entertaining talks on various aspects of the work of the Wildlife Trust for member organisations throughout the county. 

You can view an information leaflet about our Speaker Team by downloading the link below.

Speaker Team

Speaker team leaflet

Talks available from our speaker team

Brockholes – the unreserved reserve

The story of our newest nature reserve with its award winning visitor centre.

Brockholes Visitor Village by Bentham Imaging

The Work of the Wildlife Trust

An account of the activity of the Trust including an overview of some of the sites managed across the county.

Fox by Peter Smith

Red Squirrels

Looking at our conservation efforts on behalf of this endangered species and a review of the reserves they can be found.

Red squirrel by Peter Smith

Wildlife Gardening

Hints and tips that can be applied in your own garden to make it more wildlife friendly.

Sparrow by Ben Hall/2020VISION

Wildflowers in Lancashire

Ranging from the writers of Ancient Greece and the early plant hunters and herbalists to the modern day including a look at many of the species that grace our Lancashire countryside.

Amazing Wildlife

By highlighting examples of impressive and complex wildlife behaviour, the talk aims to demonstrate how survival may be threatened and the importance of the Wildlife Trust's conservation campaign.

Bob Coyle

The Plight of the Humble Bee

A talk with interesting facts about many species of bee that are found in the UK. We look at the threats they face and what the Trust is doing to help them.

Wildlife Under Threat

This talk concentrates on how the introduction of invasive can have far reaching and unforeseen consequences for our native wildlife.

Andrew Parkinson/2020VISION

Get in touch

The talks are delivered free but donations to support the work of the Wildlife Trust in conserving our natural heritage for the benefit of People and Wildlife are gratefully accepted.

To arrange a talk for your club or society you can contact:

Terry Jolly

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