Endangered Species Wildlife Conservation

Endangered species wildlife conservation

The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside safeguards over 3,096 acres of land to protect our precious wildlife and ensure that the next generation can enjoy wildlife-rich landscapes. Delivering these conservation programmes is an enormous undertaking and we need your help.

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Help with local wildlife conservation

The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside is one of the largest nature conservation bodies in our region.

We manage over 3,096 acres of nature reserves and local wildlife refuges which are havens for rare and threatened species and habitats. We give wildlife a voice, campaigning on wildlife issues and focusing on protecting local wildlife.

Help us to protect local wildlife

The best  way to do this is through membership. Our 28,000 members are critical to all the work we do protecting local wildlife - click here to learn more about membership and how you can get involved.

There are a whole range of other ways to help. If you want to find out more about how you can help us help local wildlife, please visit the Support Us page. 

Search for particular species you are interested in, below, to learn more about them.

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Become a member and help wildlife

Our 28,000 members are critical to helping us protect wildlife for the future.

Click the button below to learn more about membership and how this helps.

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Support us to protect wildlife

There are lots of ways that you can support us to help protect wildlife.

From volunteering and fundraising to donating to specific local appeals, click below to learn more.

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Our priorities

These are the nationally agreed priorities with the Partnership of Wildlife Trusts across the UK.

  • To protect, create and enhance wildlife in our region, creating living landscapes and living seas
  • To stand up for wildlife and the environment
  • To inspire people about the natural world and encourage everyone to take action for wildlife
  • To foster sustainable One Planet Living, where the functioning of the natural environment is appreciated as essential for supporting life
  • To ensure our work is based on knowledge and sound evidence
  • To be recognised and respected for our work
  • To grow our resources and increase support for our mission
  • To ensure the organisation is effective and fit for purpose

However you help us, you can be sure that this is contributing to the conservation of local wildlife and species.

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Volunteering options for you

Volunteer with Lancashire Wildlife Trust and make a direct impact.

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Fundraising for Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Fundraising is a great way to help the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside

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