Wild Walk Week

Wild Walk Week

24 - 30 August 2020

Group walk by Zsuzsanna Bird

One million steps for wildlife

Lace up your boots and pack some snacks - it's time for Wild Walk Week!

Wild Walk Week is a fun and easy way to help raise money to protect our precious wildlife and wild places. From 24 - 30 August we're challenging people across our region to get outside and help us reach a grand total of one million steps for wildlife, and raise vital funds along the way.

You don't have to trek up a mountain or ramble up hill and down dale to tot up your steps (though that will certainly help!) - absolutely anyone can take part and every step counts.

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Fancy a real challenge?

Set yourself a step goal and aim to reach hedgehog, deer or swift status!

Choose your challenge

Hedgehog Roamers - 25,000 steps

3,500 steps per day/1.5 miles per day

WildNet - Tom Marshall

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Deer Hoppers - 50,000 steps

7,100 steps per day/3.5 miles per day

Roe deer by Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

Choose your challenge

The Swifts - 100,000 steps

14,000 steps per day/7 miles per day

David Tipling/2020VISION

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Useful downloads

From sponsorship forms and posters to walking trail maps, here are some extra downloads to help you plan your Wild Walk Week.

Sponsorship form

Use our sponsorship form to gather sponsors and keep track of donations.


Put up these posters in your workplace or local area (with permission, of course!) to help spread the word about Wild Walk Week.

Basic poster

Choose your challenge poster

Local walking trails

Not sure where to walk? Take a look at these local walking trails for some inspiration.

The Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail - Clitheroe

The Guild Wheel - Preston

The Great Bog Hop Trail - Little Woolden Moss

Social media sign

Print off this sign, fill in your step goal and post a picture on social media using the #WildWalkWeek hashtag to spread the word and gather support.

Social media sign

Find a place to walk

Tom Marshall

Why walk for wildlife?

Walking is a great way to improve both our physical and mental health. In fact, just 30 minutes of walking per day helps to reduce stress and boost mental wellbeing.

Walking is also a wonderful way to feel closer to nature as you absorb the different sights, smells, sounds and textures of the wild world all around you. Sadly, the UK's wildlife is trapped in a worrying downward spiral and we're seeing plants and animals dropping in numbers, wild space being destroyed for developments and waters polluted.

By taking part in Wild Walk Week, not only can you reconnect with the nature on your doorstep, but you can help us bring it back from the brink by raising vital funds that will support our conservation work.

Share your journey on social media

We'd love to see where you get to on your wild walks and hear about how many steps you've reached. Use the hashtag #WildWalkWeek on your social media channels and tag us into your updates!

You can find us using the buttons below.

A brown hare poking its head above a stand of ox-eye daisies

Brown hare by David Tipling/2020VISION

Rambling responsibly

Lockdown has shown us just how grounding, healing and awe-inspiring nature can be. More people than ever are exploring their local natural wonderland, so please remember to stay socially distant from other walkers during your week of wild ramblings. Keep your eyes peeled for signage that will help you stay safe, and look after the wildlife you share these wild places with: stick to footpaths and keep four-legged friends on a lead.

Thank you for making a difference.