Nature Ranger Award

Nature Ranger Award

Emma Bradshaw

What is the Nature Ranger Award?

The Nature Ranger award is the highest level Wildlife Watch award you can get.  You can only take part in it if you have completed the Kestrel award.  To complete the Nature Ranger award you will have to study a UK wildlife or conservation topic of your choice and produce a report for Lancashire Wildlife Trust to assess. 

When completed you will receive a certificate signed by Chris Packham, a badge, an icon on your website profile, a mention in Wildlife Watch magazine and a special prize!

You will be sent information about how to take part in the Nature Ranger award when you complete the Kestrel award.


Who can take part?

The Nature Ranger award is for children who subscribe to Wildlife Watch through their local Wildlife Trust and who have already completed their Kestrel award. 

Why should I take part?

By taking part we hope members will:

  • Gain a sense of personal achievement and pride in their work
  • Develop new skills and knowledge
  • Have a positive impact on wildlife or the environment
  • Be encouraged to take on projects they might not have done without the incentive of the award scheme
  • Develop a long term commitment to nature conservation
  • Find out about, and develop links with, their local Trust
  • Have fun with their friends or families

How it works

The Nature Ranger award is all about becoming a wildlife expert!  To do this, participants will need to complete a project on a topic of their choice, but it must be on a UK wildlife, habitat or conservation theme. 

Participants must study their chosen topic and work on their project for at least six months. 

Participants must then create a report about their chosen topic.  The report could be done using one of the following methods:

  • Written report
  • Film
  • PowerPoint presentation or website
  • By organising and leading a guided event for friends / school class / other group on the topic.

Participants will then send in their report to their local Wildlife Trust to be assessed.

When the project is complete and has been assessed, participants will receive a badge, a certificate signed by Chris Packham and they will get a mention in Wildlife Watch magazine.

How can I get involved?

Email our Award co-ordinator, Clare Sweeney who will send you over a pack to start your challenge.