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Demonstrate your support for the local environment, its wildlife and its communities to not only your staff but also to potential and existing customers.

The way your customers and staff perceive your business is vital to your success; by becoming a corporate member you can encourage a sense of trust in your brand and gain the respect of your customers. Some of the most successful brands in the world are built on reputation and respect. Becoming a business member will also give you access to our expert advice, PR opportunities and the chance to invest in your local community, and therefore the areas in which your customers and employees live.  

We can help you to: 

• Improve customer loyalty
• Enhance brand value, increase sales and market share
• Motivate staff and suppliers, and strengthen loyalty
• Gain positive media coverage
• Access networking opportunities 

Types of membership

There are several types of business membership you can choose from, based on the level of commitment you wish to make.  All memberships can be taken by Direct Debit on a monthly basis to help spread the donation across the year. Prices are plus VAT.

Gold Membership - £2,000 per annum

Silver Membership - £1,000 per annum

Bronze Membership - £500 per annum

Local Business Membership - £99 per annum


Being a green business has helped us to secure many major clients, while we feel it is important for businesses to give something back and repay their negative effects on the environment. I would recommend corporate membership to anyone.
Jay Knight
Director, Ecospeed

Current Corporate Members

From sustainable local pubs to couriers striving for a greener future, our Corporate Members come from all walks of life and help us achieve amazing things for nature.

Find out more about them

Cain Scringemour


Contact us today and find out how working with the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside can help your business succeed. 

T: 01772 324129

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