About the Trust

The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside is your local wildlife charity, working to protect wildlife and nature for the future. We are a key voice for nature, both locally and nationally. We manage reserves, deliver specialist projects and have a people and wildlife team engaging people in sustainable living and conservation from the very young to the retired. We don't receive any direct government funding, so our members support is crucial.

Creating Wildlife Havens

We manage a network of 50 nature reserves, local nature reserves and key wildlife sites. We speak up for conservation on planning issues and provide key advice to landowners and agencies. We bring the community closer to wildlife, to teach people new skills and give them a sense of pride for their local area. 

A Living Landscape 

The Wildlife Trusts movement are working together, with landowners and other organisations to create a connected network of green places for wildlife - A Living Landscape. Just as we have motorways and railways to move around the country, a Living Landscape will create a way for wildlife to move around the country and thrive in a network of wildlife havens. This will allow people and wildlife to live together, wildlife to thrive and communities to have more access to green spaces and their natural environment.

Living Seas

Did you know that more wildlife thrives in the seas than on land? Under our seas is a whole world of fascinating wildlife and habitats. The Trust is working on a large scale to protect and regenerate fragile marine ecosystems and stop taking our seas for granted.