Peregrine falcon by Bertie Gregory/2020VISION

Wild LIVE is a series of monthly digital discussions hosted by The Wildlife Trusts' Chief Executive, Craig Bennett.

Each month Craig is joined by a panel of special guests to discuss some of the most important issues facing wildlife, the natural world and the environment right now, as well as answer your burning questions.

Missed a previous Wild LIVE discussion? Catch up below!

Wild LIVE: Planning to fail?

Panelists Rebecca Taylor, Roger Mortlock, Emma Greenwood, Wayne Hemingway and Simon Gallagher join Craig Bennett to discuss the Government's proposed planning reforms.

Wildlife is declining, and we know the current planning system isn't working, but we believe the proposed reforms will make a bad situation much worse. What can be done?

Wild LIVE: The badger cull

Craig is joined by expert panelists Chris Packham, Rosie Woodroffe, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust CEO Jo Smith, Dominic Dyer and Cheryl Marriott to discuss how the wildlife sector should engage with the bovine TB problem.

Wild LIVE: Taking action for insects

In the third episode of Wild LIVE, join our panel for a discussion on why our insects are so vital, the threats facing them, and the action everyone can take to help populations to recover and thrive.

Wild LIVE: A way back to living seas

Sadly, our seas are under pressure like never before, with decades of overexploitation, pollution and unchecked development causing a loss of wildlife and the destruction of underwater habitats. What’s worse is that we don’t even know what ‘healthy’ looks like!

Join Craig Bennett and a panel including BBC wildlife presenter Lizzie Daly to discuss our marvelous marine world and what needs to be done to save it.

Wild LIVE: A natural health service

Could resetting our relationship with nature help us lead healthier, happier lives? In this very first episode of Wild LIVE, join Craig Bennett and a panel including our Myplace project's Rhoda Wilkinson to discuss the need for a new relationship with nature.