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Wildlife Lottery

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Every month you could have the chance to win £500 from playing our lottery

The Win for Wildlife Lottery is jointly run by Lancashire, Cumbria and Cheshire Wildlife Trusts, helping to raise thousands of pounds. All profits from the Lottery help fund our conservation work, so we can keep wildlife and wild places across our region special.

The Lottery costs from as little as £2 a month, and the more people that play, the more funds we can raise for wildlife and the higher the prize fund will be!

Since the lottery started in 2004 it has raised over £158,853 to protect wildlife and wild places across the North West, and we've given out £116,055 in prizes!

Every year the conservation challenges facing us seem to grow, but with the help of our Lottery players, we have been able to achieve much more for nature in Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside. We are restoring mosslands devastated by peat extraction, caring for the wildflower meadows our declining pollinators so depend on, teaching the next generation about the importance of nature, and much more.

You can help us do even more.

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How does it work?

  • Sign up, hassle-free, online and you'll be entered into the draw automatically for the next 12 months.
  • You'll be allocated a unique lottery number, which is yours for as long as you continue playing.
  • You can have as many lottery numbers as you like for only £2 each. The more numbers you play, the greater chance of winning! 
  • On the 20th of every month (or the next working day), the lucky winners are selected at random. Prize cheques are issued automatically and posted to arrive with you the following week. This means there's no need to laboriously check your number and put in a claim. You can also check the winning numbers on this page.
  • Once you've entered, we’ll let you know your numbers and the date of your first lottery draw.
  • Players MUST be 16 years or over.
  • You can cancel at any time.

Send completed postal forms to:
North West Wildlife Trusts
Crook Road

Thank you for playing, and good luck!

Our July 2019 winners are:

Membership Number                              Prize

123405A                                           1st prize (£500)
113910A                                             2nd prize (£100)
PLG0000211B                                   3rd prize (£25)