Since 1912, The Wildlife Trusts have been speaking out for nature in the UK. Our organisation is unique - while most of our work for wildlife takes place at local grassroots level, we have a national voice.

Protecting wildlife for the future
Through monitoring and collecting data, we demonstrate an accurate picture of habitats and species that need our protection and we have developed a reputation for our objectivity and knowledge. The Wildlife Trusts campaign for better protection of our precious wildlife and habitats, raising awareness among the public and at government level to wildlife threats is central to our role. We are local wildlife experts, with a national voice and a passion for nature we love to share.

Wildlife Havens
The Trust manages over 2,000 acres of some of the region's most precious wild places in the form of 37 Nature Reserves and 20 Local Nature Reserves. These provide places where wildlife can thrive and people can relax and enjoy the wealth of our natural heritage.

Strategic Conservation
The Trust monitors all planning applications within its area and makes comments where appropriate on the potential effect of the proposals on nature conservation. It provides advice to landowners, from members of the public to farmers, businesses and local authorities, on how best to manage their land for wildlife. In addition, it works in partnership with key agencies to ensure that the necessary legislation and policies are in place to conserve and enhance the region's biodiversity.

Engaging the Community
Believing that wildlife is essential to a healthy environment for human beings, we work with people from all walks of life - industry, government, landowners, communities and families - to make sure nature gets a chance. We work with community groups in many different ways:
• Food Growing
• Work Parties
• Walks and Talks
• Events
• Education Sessions
• ...And much more!

Using Our Expertise
The specialist skills and enthusiasm of our volunteers and the vast experience of our conservationists enables the Wildlife Trusts to manage hundreds of projects, campaigns and organise thousands of activities. Over the years our work has made a lasting difference to UK wildlife. Forty Seven Wildlife Trusts working local means we have more involvement within each area and are able to tackle issues specific to local areas. To find out more about the Wildlife Trusts visit our national website here.

Join Us
And help us to protect species under threat like water voles, otters, birds of prey, willow tits, bittern, rare butterflies and wildflowers. Click here for more information on how you can help by becoing a member.