Time for an ambitious Environment Act

Vixen and cub by Peter HunterVixen and cub by Peter Hunter

Politics is dominating the news at the moment after the General Election and we all have a duty to ensure that the environment is high on any agenda.

Along with many other conservation charities, The Wildlife Trusts is still calling for an ambitious Environment Act to ensure wildlife and the habitats around it are protected for generations to come.

Chief Executive of The Wildlife Trusts Stephanie Hilborne said: "With the General Election now over, the new Government will need to hit the ground running. Critical to future generations will be delivery of the ambition to be the first generation to leave the environment in a better state than it found it. This was expressed in the Conservative Party manifesto.

"One thing we must surely agree on is to have a positive and uniting vision for the future of our shared environment. We know that there is huge popular support for wildlife from people of all backgrounds."

The impressive turnout of young voters demonstrated a need for policies that speak to future generations, but there is much to do to achieve this, not least as the UK departs from the European Union.

Stephanie said: "Most of our environmental laws, including those that protect the nation’s precious wildlife and wild places, are tied to our membership of the EU. So too are our fisheries and agriculture policies. We need to keep the EU environmental regulations by transferring them across in the Repeal Act. We need to design world-leading agricultural and fisheries policies.

"Above all we need an ambitious Environment Act. This would commit this and future Governments to a set of ambitions for nature’s recovery and for improving our environment. It would provide the framework for all future environmental regulations and incentives.

"And finally there is no excuse for delaying the designation of more Marine Conservation Zones. This was put on hold before the Election."

In the North West we will continue to speak to politicians at all levels and in all parties to ensure that they are committed to protecting our wonderful environment. You can strengthen our negotiating arm if you join The Wildlife Trust here