Join the Lancashire Wildlife Trust family today and help protect your local wildlife...

Wildlife has a special place in all our hearts.

But sadly, habitat loss, agriculture and climate change has resulted in a 56% decline in UK wildlife. (2016 State of Nature Report)

We depend on our members so that we can continue our vital work in Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside. 

We are already making a difference

We work on your doorstep to create and connect habitats to give wildlife a chance to thrive and wild spaces for people to enjoy. 

We carry out conservation work, campaign to protect species and habitats on land and at sea, and teach people of all ages about the natural world, and how to care for it.

Help to keep our region wild!

The threat is real, and unless we act now the wildlife and wild places become a thing of the past. If you are passionate about conserving wildlife please support your local Wildlife Trust in Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside.



We depend on our members so that we can continue our vital work in the region:

  • We look after 38 nature reserve sites in our region. That's over 1,300 hectares we are protecting for wildlife
  • Our campaigning has seen the Marine Bill prioritised, key habitats and species protected
  • We inspire over 30,000 children in our area every year

It is easy and hassle free to set up a Direct Debit to pay for your membership and also helps us to reduce our administration costs, meaning more of your funds directly support Lancashire's wildlife.

Our minimum membership rates are :

- Individual or joint membership from £2.50 per month

- Family membership from £3.50 per month

Every penny you donate above the minimum means we can continue to protect Lancashire's wildlife and wild places both now and for future generations.

We will send you a welcome pack with a guide to the best wild places to visit and an introduction to our work. You can keep up to date with our membership magazine and e-news where you will find opportunities to get involved. 

Family members will also receive all kinds of goodies including poster, stickers, quarterly magazines and the opportunity to join in your local Wildlife Watch group. We will also try to give you a telephone call shortly after you join to welcome you as a new member. 


Gift Membership

Are you searching for the perfect present for a nature and wildlife lover?

Gift membership of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust lasts for 12 months and includes our fantastic welcome pack and a copy of our seasonal Lapwing magazine throughout the year.

Please click here to purchase your Gift Membership.

Why have others become a member?

Emma Whittaker

"I have always found solace in animals and nature since being a child.

"My personal belief is that disconnection from nature is a huge part of the problem that humanity faces these days and therefore, I feel the work Lancashire Wildlife Trust does is vitally important on a huge level."

Celia Stanford

"I've always enjoyed being outdoors and in nature and being a member of The Lancashire Wildlife Trust has broadened the opportunity to visit different reserves.

"Through attending various workshops I've been able to develop my interests and I now spend quite a bit of time recording wildlife online for various groups."

Caroline Martin

"I've always been interested in and loved wildlife and nature, so becoming the member of my local Wildlife Trust was a natural step. 

"Joining LWT has only increased my passion for nature and it has inspired me so much that I have recently made a wildlife garden in my new home."

Mr Berry

"As a life-long wildlife enthusiast I have always been passionate about and interested in nature.

"I am concerned about the anti-environment policies that are being implemented and as a result I am a member of a number of organisations who agree with and act upon with my views and beliefs - The Lancashire Wildlife Trust is certainly one of these!"