• The Brockholes Butterfly Effect!

    Thursday 28th August, 2014

    It has been a year of exciting wildlife spotting at our Brockholes Nature Reserve in Preston, and the latest wave of butterfly sightings have once again illustrated what a rich selection of wildlife now call the reserve home...

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  • Do-it-yourself wildlife on the beach

    Tuesday 5th August, 2014

    Leoni and Sharky

    Jellyfish, sharks, basking sharks, dolphins, turtles, eels and, wait for it, crocodiles were just some of the wildlife on Blackpool Beach today.

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  • Tour de Brockholes

    Friday 1st August, 2014

    Get your lycra and cycle helmets on in preparation for the Tour de Brockholes – or Bike Brockholes, as it is officially titled.

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  • Marine Week Events

    Wednesday 23rd July, 2014

    A celebration of Britain’s marine life will encourage people to uncover the secrets of the Irish Sea.

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  • A good year for the orchids

    Monday 14th July, 2014

    As you wander through a country meadow feel the grass on your legs and feet, smell the wonderful whiff of flowers and spot the different colours of plants and animals.

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  • Pride at new nature reserve

    Friday 4th July, 2014

    Pride and Prejudice

    There will be swooning and hearts beating just a little faster as Mr Darcy makes an appearance at Brockholes this summer.

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  • Capturing the Wildlife of Blackpool

    Wednesday 2nd July, 2014

    Grey Seals_by Elliott Neep

    Photographers will get an opportunity to show the really wild side of Blackpool in a summer competition . . . and they will be helping wildlife.

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  • Gardening on a grand scale

    Monday 30th June, 2014

    Green-fingered nature lovers will get a chance to do some gardening on a landscape-scale when they visit the Chat Moss Project on Thursday, July 10.

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  • Green firm is blossoming with flower plan

    Friday 27th June, 2014

    Ecospeed's Jay Knight and LWT fundraising officer Ruth Gaskell find an orchid at

    The North West’s greenest courier company has found a new way to “grow its business”.

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  • Wigan has country’s best volunteers

    Friday 27th June, 2014

    Overall winner Matyn Jones and Leigh and District Ornithological Society with Jo

    Wigan’s green army of volunteers was championed at the annual Greenheart awards today.

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