Make new 'Friends' at Little Woolden Moss

Friday 29th January 2016

A 'Friends of Little Woolden Moss' group is being set up and we'd love locals to get involved and help shape the future of this recovering mossland.

Little Woolden is a recovering mossland, which was previously an expanse of lowland raised bog. The Chat Moss Project have been working hard to restore the area to a living breathing mossland to create a better habitat for wildlife, after years of peat extraction.

But the protection of this beautiful nature reserve can’t be maintained without your help! The Project is setting up a ‘Friends of Group’ and those involved will play a key role in the preservation of the mossland in the future, giving local residents the opportunity to become more connected to nature.

So why not do something different? The project is holding a meeting on the project is holding a meeting on Tuesday 2nd February at 6.30pm at the Hamilton Davies House, Cadishead, with following meetings on Tuesday 1st March and Tuesday 5th April at Irlam Train Station, also at 6.30pm.

If you would like to attend or for more information, please contact Beth Attwood on or call 01204 663754