Big Badgers Day Out

Monday 27th November 2017

Making natural Christmas wreaths

The Wildlife Watch leaders the 'Big Badgers' got together recently for their annual meet up to share ideas and knowledge about the natural world. Read on to find out more about the Children's branch of the Wildlife Trust - Wildlife WATCH.

Wildlife Watch is the leading conservation club for kids in the UK. It’s the junior branch of The Wildlife Trusts and across Lancashire we have a wonderful bunch of Watch Group Leaders who run wild activities once or twice a month for families to come along to, all year around. Think Scouts and Brownies only with a fun focus on learning bushcrafts, like willow weaving, pond dipping and making fires outdoors.

The Wildlife Trusts have done some research recently and it scientifically supports the hunch we’ve had for years that being outdoors is good for you. But it’s more than just popping on your wellies and having a stroll through autumn leaves. Looking after our wild places and making a positive difference to our environment is the crucial combination that keeps our mind and bodies healthy.

Recently, our Big Badgers, the name we like to call our Watch Leaders, got together and swopped top ideas for things to do with their Watch groups this winter. Melting pewter over a log fire and pouring the metal into a mould to make homemade trinkets was one activity. Weaving willow wreaths was another one and so was winter pond dipping.

If these nature inspired crafts sound like the kind of thing that you’d like your wild child to take part in, then take a look where the nearest group is to you. Click here

We’d love to meet you!

Joining your Wildlife Trust as a Family means that your wild children will receive loads of exciting wildlife goodies throughout the year from our Wildlife Watch team. There’s a starter pack and four issues of Wildlife Watch magazine a year, packed full of pictures, puzzles, competitions and a free wildlife poster with each issue. There’s a separate wild website and a monthly e-newsletter full of wild ideas and nature-spotting tips for your wild child to enjoy.

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