Seal pup rescued from beach

Friday 26th January 2018

Seal pup found on Cleveleys beach by Emily Parr and Kate OwenSeal pup found on Cleveleys beach by Emily Parr and Kate Owen

The Living Seas team was involved in the rescue of a grey seal pup on the beach at Cleveleys today.

The pup was spotted in the morning by a dog walker, who called the Wyre Ranger Service. They told LWT’s Assistant Marine Community Engagement Officer Emily Parr and Fylde Sand Dunes Project Community Engagement Officer Kate Owen. Kate has experience working with grey seals at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Emily said: “We could see the seal was lying on the sand, clearly exhausted with respiratory issues. It was coughing up some mucus so we were worried about its health because it looked quite thin.

“We contacted British Divers Marine Life Rescue so they could move the poor little thing in a cage. They turned up and, along with Wyre Council, we made sure it was OK until the RSPCA arrived.”

Kate thought it was best to move the seal to the top of the beach so it could be treated quickly when the RSPCA arrrived. They wrapped it in a blanket and carried up the beach, but this is not recomended.

Emily said: “The best thing to do in these situations is to leave the seal alone until the British Divers or RSPCA turn up. Getting too close to a seal can be dangerous, they do bite, and if the parents are around it could lead to the pup being abandoned. In this case the best thing to do would move it.”

The RSPCA arrived and took the pup away in a cage, to Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre to be treated. Emily said: “Hopefully we can monitor how the pup is getting on.”

If you see a stranded seal pup call British Divers on 01825 765546, keep your distance and keep your dogs away.