Giving Back to Our Family Members

Wednesday 7th March 2018

Photo credit: Paul Heyes

We really appreciate the support of our members, without your kindness we couldn’t care for wildlife and protect habitats and species across your region.

One of the best parts of our jobs is engaging people in nature and wildlife, and so what better way to do this than inviting all our family members to one of our best visitor Nature Reserves - Brockholes. Where roe deer meet you on the drive in, kestrels fly overhead and waders rest on the islands for as far as the eye can see.

Our family visitors flocked in, greeting us on the Visitor Village and grabbing a quick cuppa' before heading off for some bushcraft activities in the woods. 

Families started the day in the Gruffalo Woods, with some good ol' natural den building working together to build dream dens using natural resources. Some families got really creative and came up with their own den names like 'Rainer Palace'. 

The families then moved onto the Viking Woods, where we got stuck into some Environmental Art. We asked families to depict the wildlife around them such as foxes, owls or hares. 

The results were absolutely incredible, with a huge portrait of a fox and its cub. Children were looking all over for things to use, under rocks, on trees using bits of moss, leaves and sticks and even mud. Mud on the ground, mud on their faces, mud in their hair - how children should be in nature.

A Family Member, Katie said:

"I've had such a great time today doing all the activities, the leaders have been really helpful and friendly and had big smiles on their faces all day, despite the cold.

We've seen the environmental art taking place before, but we've never had a chance to experience it. So it was so great to have a member day like this, and it's lovely to be able to visit Brockholes and use the facilities and experience things we may not get from visiting alone.

It's really got us outdoors and learning more about nature, something we really appreciate as well as being able to spend more time as a family to build special  memories."

The next activity included a guided eye spy nature walk, with families huddling together to explore the reserve led by one of our Education Officers. Wildlife spotted included nuthatches, kestrels, lapwings, songthrushes, fieldfare, redwing and roe deer! 

Many of our families had never visited Brockholes before, so this gave the perfect opportunity for families to discover the reserve. Sarah, a prior visitor explained however:

‘We love Brockholes so much, there are such fantastic facilities here and we've always had a brilliant time at events and this family event is no exception.We've really enjoyed today and we hope you do more"

Members also received a discount at the restaurant and NEST shop for the day, free parking and nature activity sheets for the family to complete whilst at the reserve.

Clare Sweeney, Member Relations Officer said:

"We really hope everyone enjoyed themselves and feel inspired to return to Brockholes. One of the best parts of my job is meeting members and thanking them for their support to our charity.

I enjoy meeting all our different members, seeing the faces of enjoyment and hearing some of the stories of long-standing members of 30 years, as well as what new members of 6 months have enjoyed so far."

We'll be organising more member-only events over the coming year for all our  members. Please watch this space, keep an eye on our events pages and your email for invitations, and learn more about Brockholes Nature Reserve here.

In the meantime, we’d like to say an enormous thank you to all our members, your generosity keeps us afloat. Thank you!

Take a look at our Wild Family Gallery here, and spot yourself!


Family Member Event - Brockholes 25/02/18


Photo credit: Darren Taylor & Paul Heyes

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