Take action for wildlife today

Thursday 12th July 2018

At a government level, it is a critical time as consultations are underway which will determine the future of our wildlife.

Two major government consultations are set to decide the future protection of our wildlife, but it's not too late to have your say. UK Wildlife needs you to take action today.


Marine Conservation Zones

The Government is running a public consultation on whether to create 41 new Marine Conservation Zones – a type of protected area at sea – in the waters around England. We know that public support plays a vital role in the Government’s final decision, so we need each and every person that loves the sea to act today.

Without these sites, some of our most rare and vulnerable marine wildlife – from seahorses to living reefs - will remain at risk. That’s why we need you to add your Wave of Support today! Click here to add your support 


Environmental protection after Brexit

Morcambe Bay - Peter Cairns/NothshotsFrom protecting endangered wildlife and habitats, to putting a halt to raw sewage emptying into our seas, EU laws have helped to defend the UK's wildlife and environment for over thirty years.

With under a year to go until Brexit, this is a pivotal moment for the environment and the laws that help protect it.

This summer the Government are consulting on two crucial parts of environmental protections after Brexit in England:

1. A new green ‘watchdog’ (an independent regulatory organisation within Government) to enforce our environmental protections after Brexit

2.How to keep a set of vital guiding principles on environment protection like the ‘polluter pays’ principle, currently set in EU law 

Find out more and have your say here