We are experts in nature conservation, and we use this specialist knowledge and experience throughout a number of specific projects...

Protecting wildlife for the future

The key objective of The Wildlife Trusts is to protect wildlife for the future. Our work on reserves and in a variety of projects helps us to monitor both common and threatened species and their habitats. Our conservation work and expertise helps us to increase biodiversity in the region. This will protect wildlife so it can be enjoyed by future generations.

Working Locally, Impacting nationally

Much of our work on specialist projects is of national importance, and the work we do is combined with work nationally to ensure certain species are protected across the country. However the great thing about these projects is that they are important to people living locally to where we are working. The Wildlife Trusts has 750,000 volunteers in the UK making it the biggest nature conservation organisation in the country. Every one of our 1,200 volunteers in the North West is part of that amazing network which protects wildife now and ensures it will still be around and thriving in the future.