Allow the wild to come to you

Allow the wild to come to you

Chaffinch by Dave Steel

Now it’s time perhaps to bring the wild home as another lockdown starts and #12DaysWild and the 12 Days of Christmas comes to a close.

Wherever we live there will be something to link us to the wild. There is nearly always something moving through the sky which seems to have more space now that C19 has brought about a lot less planes to occupy it.

As for my patch of garden and sky, my regular wildlife visitors grab a snack or two from my bird feeders and, whatever the weather, some have a quick clean up in the bird bath. This is a vital resource especially in times of ice and snow, for their feathers need to be in tip-top condition in order that they can keep warm and, at time, flee the occasional visit from a sparrowhawk. This is but the balancing act Nature has created within its circle of life.

Overhead Gulls slip by (mostly black-headed) but in these hard weather conditions of late the odd great black-backed gull, a bird mostly of the shore,  is driven inland in search of food. This bird can be a predator but my garden is a bit too small for it to disturb my mix of birds.

Thus an hour looking from my kitchen window can easily build a list of birds allowing my mind to escape into the wild, freed from this latest lockdown. Try it you will be nicely surprised and, hopefully, your spirits uplifted.

Thank you, Dave, for going out into the most extreme conditions over the past 12 Days. We have loved every minute.