Bill and Ben … finally understood

Bill and Ben … finally understood

Under a blood red sky by Dave Steel

At last I feel that I have finally understood what Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men were saying all those decades ago.

Bill and Ben were simply singing the praises of their companion flower, named Little Weed - please check the archives to understand my light-hearted start to day nine of #12DaysWild.

The clarity of their mumblings came clear to me as I was watching a stand of weeds which this particular farmer had not ‘tidied up’ on a corner of his field. It seems to be his vision of rewilding of some of his land, giving wildlife a chance to survive especially on this snow-gripped day.

From my viewpoint across this stubble field, I was treated to quite a large mixed flock of birds, which were feeding up on the seed heads of the weeds. I couldn’t help but sing the praises of this farmer who had given reed bunting, chaffinch, yellowhammer, tree sparrow and more a lifeline of food.

A stonechat fed alone further up the field, whilst the mixed flock of birds happily rubbed shoulders - food was on their minds.

Eventually, I moved off with another old TV/film reference, this time from the musical Oliver, occupying my thoughts. The song Food Glorious Food moved me along from this happy day meeting with the wild on Chat Moss.