Photography on our reserves

Photography on our reserves

Don Sutherland

Our reserves are a wonderful place for photography and you're welcome to take photographs while you enjoy your local wild places.

We do ask that when visiting our reserves, please remember not to disturb wildlife when taking photographs and follow the instructions at each of our reserves for access, especially during breeding season.

If you do take photos, we'd love to see them. You can:

Share them with us on social media

Twitter: @lancswildlife, @visitbrockholes

Facebook: Lancashire Wildlife Trust,  Brockholes

Email them to us here 

If you're able, please mention which Trust reserve you have taken your photographs on.

Commerical photography 

The Trust doesn't receive any direct government funding, and we rely on the support of our members to make our work possible. Taking care of our nature reserves takes a lot of resource and time, so for photographers taking images for commercial purposes, we ask that you consider the following:

  1. You send us your images for us to use (with full credit, of course) via the share links above 
  2. Full credit is given to the location in which your photographs were taken
  3. You consider a donation to the Trust of your profits to help us continue to look after these wild places