Busy time at Sparrow Central

Alan Wright

It’s the first day of 30 Days Wild 2018 and I am sitting on the bench in our back garden watching the daily Sparrow Jamboree.

The dog is sitting on my knee and our heads are moving in unison as we follow the activities of our friendly spadgers.

We can hear them chirruping around the corner on the bird table then back into Sparrow Central, a bush that sits in a garden overlooking ours. Then they hop into the tree and onto the fat-ball feeder and, this morning, they are hanging off the stone wall searching crevices for bugs.

I wake every morning to the local blackbird on a telegraph pole and the noise of Sparrow Central, they chatter, argue and sing lots of songs.

Sparrow numbers appear to have fallen in the UK, as habitats have vanished, however they are still seen in millions of gardens. In Lancashire, they are still around and our back garden is certainly a hot spot for a least 20 of these wonderful birds, with fledglings on the way.

Spending time in your garden is a good way to start 30 Days Wild. I spend a lot of time in June and July, tidying the garden, feeding the birds and just musing on life.

There are wild parts of the garden and I am pleased that we do get many wild creatures paying us a visit.

If you want to make your garden wilder go Wild About Gardens. It’s got lots of tips and is managed by The Wildlife Trusts and The Royal Horticultural Society.

You can still sign up for 30 Days Wild and join thousands of people from around the UK having a wild time this June.