Clouds are easier to swallow

Alan Wright

When I woke up this morning the weather seemed heavy and a bit . . . well . . . dreary for June.

That type of low cloud, with a threat of rain, is not all bad news because it means there are lots and lots of swallows displaying.

The low cloud pushes insects down to just above our meadows and mosses, so swallows and martins are pretty much searching at our eye level.

It’s a similar thing above the water of lakes, rivers and canals – it’s a great time to see the stunning displays of our liveliest birds. Swallows scoop insects from the air in flight and drink by flying low over the water.

So for Day … of 30 Days Wild, I was treated to an aerial carnival that was quite breathtaking. You can see the swallows swishing low above the grass, turning quickly to search the area for food.

Then they head towards me, walking along the avenue, and flash in an out of the trees. There are moments when they seem inches away from my head, but it’s more like a metre of two.

You do get a brilliant view of the swallow’s white underside and red bib, but they are still too fast for my limited camera.

And remember they are only here for the warmer months before heading off back to Africa so make one of you 30 Days Wild a Swallow Appreciation Day.