On the cusp of a great adventure

Swallow fledglings by Dave Steel

Even in the wet, our intrepid 30 Days Wild blogger Dave Steel finds plenty to brighten his day.

Perhaps it was thoughts on where these birds spend their winter (South Africa) that my wandering today took me to Lanes Landscapes for my now annual trip to check out their swallow accommodation. This is generously provided within the plant sheds of this wildlife-welcoming haven on the edge of Cadishead Moss.

Donning my high-vis jacket, after checking in with the friendly owners, off I wandered but it seems I was a little late, in that most of the first batch of young had fledged. However, one nest still had four large young, which were not only on the cusp of fledging but were just about hanging onto the cusp of their, now small-looking, nest. They were ready to grab the next feed.

It was time to wander off from the lovely group of people on this site, who were more than happy to share their wide knowledge of the other goings on with the wildlife that is happily accommodated here.

Rain clouds loomed as I pushed on north, pausing to watch goldfinch enjoying the seeds from a lovely stand of weeds, whilst tree sparrow chattered away, keeping mostly out of view.

Then it was time for my dearest of companions to join me, yes the rain swept in ONCE MORE during these 30 days of wild recording. As ever, it didn’t faze me, although I did discover after an hour that my waterproof trousers were no longer as it said on the label.

Skylark still took to the air and enjoyed a good session of singing in the shower whilst blackbird still carried on finding food for their young -actually made easier when the ground is wet.

Then, if I needed to underline today’s moment of wild for today, I came across a patch of nettle which was hosting peacock butterfly caterpillars. That happy thought of seeing the adults emerge in late summer offered a vision of the wild in the sun - for it will surely return

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