A great day for gardening

Alan Wright

There is a lovely hum in the garden this morning as bees luxuriate on thistles and lavendar and the sun is shining on this scene.

Poppies are also popular with our bees and hoverflies and I am lookng forward to seeing more and more white butterflies, of various varieties, as the warm spell stretches out.

I am now adding to the rich wildlife-friendliness of our back yard, by planting some cosmos in various places. Any wide-faced daisy-like flowers are much loved by pollinators and it makes the garden more fun if there is a buzz in one corner or across the whole place. The ox-eye daisies are flourishing under the tree.

The dog has finally run himself into a frenzy and is calming behind the sofa away from the sunshine. This means I can water my flowers before planting them as Alfie seems to think the watering can is his personal shower.

Do you know that we have around 25 different bumblebees in the UK? It is a good exercise to look out for the different kinds in your own patch.

Then you have wasps and hoverflies too, all excellent pollinators and without them much life would stop growing in our countryside.

So for 30 Days Wild Day Three join me by making your own garden just a little bit wilder.