LWT staff make pledges for nature

It’s 30 Days Wild day two and I have been sorting through some of the pledges made by my colleagues at a recent full staff meeting.

I have also collected the words and made them into nice shapes with one of those word art apps.

So I thought I would share some of the inspiring ideas that your Wildlife Trust staff and volunteers have promised for the 30 days of June.

Here’s one for starters from one of our hippy brigade – “Walk barefoot through a field”. Actually it’s a great way to get really touchy and feely with nature, feeling the grass in your toes, like we used to do many years ago. “Break surf dancing – on the beach” is another one to take you back to your childhood when you felt no embarrassment.

How about “Sit in the woods and listen for a squirrel munching a pine cone”? Red squirrel, of course. And what a wonderful thought.

Here’s a controversial one _ “Convince my wife that my land grab on my lawn for a wildflower meadow is a good idea.” I won’t mention names.

I love to see the “Including the kids – everyday is a nature day” and “Go for a wild walk every day” pledges because these are the things everyone can do.

And without going too far from the back door “Try and identify the birds in the garden in the evening.” Here’s another “Share stories of wildlife and show my son nature and wildlife every day for 30 days.”

“Cycling more than driving” is one I should be doing although “Yoga outdoors” and “Go canoeing” might really get my old bones creaking.
Some colleagues invented new words “Go mothing” and “Spend a day botanising,” soon to appear in the Oxford English Dictionary?

And it must have been getting close to lunch “Eat lunch in a different green space every day”“Evening walks/brew up outdoors” and “Feed hungry hedgehogs every day.”

There are lots more of these pledges proving that the Wildlife Trust is not just a job, it is a way of life and 30 Days Wild can be more than just June, we can all love and help the natural world every single day.

My favourite pledges were “Will get family to sing outdoors” and “Bounce on a peat bog” – this is something everyone has to try.

But let’s finish with “Turn off mobile phone, discard laptop and make sure all emails go unanswered to spend the entire month outside. Woohoo!”