Singling out the wonderful hobby

Hobby by David Steel

David Steel meets a not-so-common member of the raptor family for a glorious 10 minutes making Day Five or 30 Days Wild even more special.

There were a few ideas gathering together, as were the clouds, as I wandered about Little Woolden Moss and my fifth wild day looked as if it was ‘set to go’ for my return home - then.

A flash of slaty blue carried on streamlined wings rose from a sweep of heather, which is yet to flower. All my original thoughts were swept aside as this apparition of speed on wings decided to then take a rest on a post, which was just about in range of my camera.

Almost 10 minutes passed as I revelled in this relatively uncommon visitor to our moss. My camera and, especially, my abilities were never going to capture the essence of supreme beauty of this hobby. Unconcerned with my presence, it took time to preen before it decided to continue on its journey north.

The encounter left me with a moment of wild that will sit deep in my mind for, well, however long I’ve got. It was that good, this wild encounter.

The dot of flight duly disappeared, to the relief no doubt of the 20 or so swift, which were hawking for insects. They have a flying agility that defies all, save a hobby which, if inclined, can take these birds.

This encounter deserves a monograph of recognition on what in truth was a busy day of wildlife incidents out on the moss. My mind will keep these in the wings for the moment, for today in truth only had one main character.