A walk so good for well-being

Windy Bank Wood by Dave Steel

On Day 21 of 30 Days Wild, Dave Steel wanders a little further afield to find himself deep in the woods.

The most north-west corner of our moss drew in a few old friends for a wander about Windy Bank Wood, a section of our Moss owned by the Forestry Commission.

The wild is conserved and appreciated by such diverse organisations right on our doorstep. We must have something worth conserving and, from my experience, how right they are.

Swift held the upper sky, whilst a swallow or two skimmed above our heads as we moved away from the car park at Bents Garden Centre, who generously allow parking here for visits to the nearby woodland.

River Glaze crossed we moved onto the superb pathways that wend their way throughout this thoughtfully planted site.  Wildflowers begged for our attention - marsh and pyramidal orchid stood proudly amongst the ox-eye daisies and vetches, whilst meadow brown and large skipper butterflies flew on wings of the wild.

A buzzard had a taste of the irate edge of wild, as a hobby took objection to its thermal gliding display as it moved about a sun blessed sky.

Carefully designed pools which have been built into this landscape in the attempt to re-wild this area were being given the seal of approval of emperor and broad bodied chaser dragonflies. The Wild soon returns if given the space to do so.

It was then time to amble back to civilisation with the peace and tranquilly of this re-created wild area having worked the magic that such wild areas can do for our well-being.

30 Days Wild