Just for the ducks

Teal by Dave Steel

It was perhaps obvious that my thoughts on Day 18 of 30 Days Wild turned to ducks, as it was going to be yet another ‘slightly’ wet morning.

A song thrush did at least get in a rousing ‘jam session’, when it created  a barrage of musical notes, which, at, first seemed to keep off the rain (for a while) but the clouds were determined to fight back and eventually drown out my morning songster.

A small group of teal seemed to be revelling in the downpour, whilst a mallard chaperoned her young about the rain-swept water I was looking across, all ducks totally unconcerned by the falling rain.

Wild flowers took on the welcome supply of water readying them for the next flush of colour which will shine in the inevitable (honest) return of the sun, sometime soon (ish).

A moorhen seemed quite happy to wander about in the open, whilst, above it, a black-headed gull danced in and out of the raindrops - nature happy in its element.

Swift, swallow and house martin swept low over the water, taking insects which were emerging from the watery depths. Yes, it seemed that whatever the weather the wild was getting on with summer, perhaps having little choice but I'm still convinced that the ducks were true to form and simply loving their wild and wet kind of weather.