Nature joins my easy stroll

Curlew by Dave Steel

It seems that in having drained my energy levels over the past few days, whilst I wandered the open landscape of Chat Moss, that the sun couldn't be bothered blazing its light through my bedroom window.

Rather, I feel it had decided to let me rest a while longer this morning whilst it lingered behind the clouds.

The pace was set at “sloth speed” whilst I drank my cuppa and I even found that today didn’t come up with a plan. Little Woolden Moss Nature Reserve drew me to its leaden skies greeting me with a conversation with a bullfinch, a long, lazy, drawn out song an easy one to copy for me and it certainly suited my mood where overexcitement was not the agenda. 

Six swift dropped a vapour trail of energy as they accelerated by but this missed my batteries and on I plodded, happy to set my pace to the lazy wheezing of a greenfinch in song.

Curlew although energetically proclaiming their bubbling song seemed to slowly drift back to earth in, well, in no particular hurry, whilst a pair of linnet took their morning bath after which they twittered energy into the slow moving morning.

The charred remains of a 7,000-year-old bog oak senselessly set on fire a few weeks ago invited me to rest. I took up its offer as the light rain lazily dropped from a sleepy grey sky.

The wild had my interest, had my attention but at an altogether slower pace and today that was fine by me.

Then, to finish a yellowhammer popped up with its bright plumage seemingly inducing the sun to come out…it was time to retreat!