Nature's way affects us all

Four Spotted Chaser by Dave Steel

The difficulty arises when trying to complete such gentle challenges as recording my personal experiences of 30 Days Wild, no, not necessarily because each day demands a new experience of the wild to be summed up and shared.

The Wild offers so much, if we can but pause each day to appreciate it, but, really, it's the way we each view the Wild. How we individually love it.

Today's personal view actually started at the end of this day's wander when, from my living room, I noticed a woodpigeon behaving exactly how I have done in this recent change in the weather.

Sorry, but the Wild was in need of the rain. This leads back to this morning’s wander after a pause in the rain. Suddenly there was a flight of dragonfly, butterfly and moths over areas that had now been enlivened by the rain.

Such events as dragonfly emergence into their ONE Summer of life on the wing NEED pools, in which they can emerge from and then patrol for food and partners. The Wild needs to keep its life going, as we do, and in recent times have learnt that we are but part of Nature's whims, which are, at the least, both challenging and at the other extremely harsh.

Emperor dragonfly patrolled their pools. Beware lesser insects. Four spotted chasers challenged their larger brethren. Damselflies did their best to humbly get about their lives, some were already mating their one season, looking as if success was on the cards.

As for me, well, returning to my afternoon view of the woodpigeon. It sat out in a downpour enjoying, not enduring, the rain as I have done in the past few days.

For the woodpigeon and I both know that rain is the giver of life, the water of our and the Wild’s existence.