Wild raves that are legal

Wild raves that are legal

Small tortoiseshell by Dave Steel

With temperatures predicted to reach 28C today I did consider that, perhaps, there would be too little shelter to be had on the wander that my cuppa time had decided I should follow today.

In spite of such cautious thoughts, there I was looking along a track edge which, being a jumble of weeds, was hosting a rave. No laws being broken here just a flush of small tortoiseshell butterflies revelling in their tumble of “untidy” thistle.

The sun was already hot but my first steps had been taken. These then slowly leading me to the Glaze which had its own party in full swing as house martin and swallow danced to the rhythm of the wild.  The background music being supplied by an enthusiastic song thrush in full flow.

Mud was an attraction for some of the birds as they gathered it for their nests, whilst others of these summer flights of wings skimmed low over the water, insects being their attraction, whilst a few briefly took their ease before re-launching into the air. It was time to move on.

A pause in a shade blessed woodland gave me some rest from the sun but judging by the commotion being made by a young buzzard its parents found no peace.

The walk had, as predicted, tackled my energy levels to full but once more that breakfast decision had led me happily through another wild wander. Heat or no heat.