My time as a Myplace trainee

Trainee, Lee, reflects on his time with us and shares his experience of Myplace.

Before I first started my traineeship with Myplace I had only had one 3-week job in 10 years, I was struggling with nervous depression and had only had two interviews during that time.

I didn’t have any confidence that I would get another interview, so when I got the phone call to tell me that I had got the job with Myplace and that I would be starting in two weeks I was worrying that they had called the wrong person. When I arrived for my first day and was told that they hadn’t made a mistake and that they really did want me to join the team I was thrilled.

I hoped that I would get nine months of work where I would turn up for work every day and get told what to do and who I’d be working with that day and that everyone else would leave me alone and not talk to me.

During my time as a Myplace trainee there have been a few moments in particular that have stood out to me. For instance, seeing a participant who would only laugh and talk with the one same volunteer, laugh and talk for the first time with me.
Myplace trainee
Myplace growing projects

I also remember watching another participant go from being a very quiet, reserved person to getting really involved in the project.

One of my favourite sessions with Myplace was on a group nature walk. We met some horses and built snowmen. At the end we all destroyed the snowmen as a group – everyone was laughing and having fun.

Meeting horses on a Myplace nature walk

A key moment for me during my time with Myplace was having the confidence to ask to attend some new training with the Myplace team. Another great moment was leading the coconut shy for participants at our summer party, encouraging different groups to give it a go.

When I started my Myplace traineeship, I was lacking the confidence to work in a team.

When I was told that I would be helping vulnerable people lacking confidence and motivation to see the benefits of working in the environment, I was quite nervous.

For a while if I saw someone looking like they had had enough of a task, I would take over and do the work for them. As time went on I started seeing participants happy that they stuck with a task and seeing the finished product. Witnessing that gave me confidence that I was helping someone and not just doing the work for them.

Trainee, Lee with Myplace group

I feel I’ve changed while being a Myplace trainee. At first I thought that I would have to tell people what to do even though they didn’t want to be there. Then I found out that participants have the freedom to choose what they do and with this I saw confidence come back to participants.

Watching a participant find something in a task that clicks with them. Seeing them laughing and talking to other participants after so long of being sat on their own, not talking to anyone and not participating in tasks. It's a great thing to be part of.

That’s what the Myplace project gives people. A chance to talk, work and just be around other people.
Myplace trainee

At the beginning of my traineeship I thought I’d get 9 months work to put on my C.V. but I have achieved so much more. I’ve got more confident at talking to people, working in groups and traveling out of town for a project.

With my new confidence I have already updated my C.V. and looked into going for my driving licence, giving myself a date to pass this by.

I have started looking around at different job agencies for when my traineeship has finished. I have also decided to become a volunteer with Lancashire Wildlife Trust and Myplace.