Six of the most common myths about gifts in Wills

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Did you know that less than half of us will consider writing a Will? Let's debunk some of the myths that often stand in the way of people leaving a special gift in their Will.

As we grow older we begin making big life choices such as buying a house or land, getting married, having children or perhaps even starting a business. Yet only 40 per cent of us will write a Will.

Thinking about writing a Will can be a daunting experience: where do you start? How long does the process take? How much is it going to cost? All of these questions can be exhausting and if you aren’t sure where to begin, it’s easy to just park the idea and forget about it.

Thankfully, there is now lots of help available if you’re thinking about writing a Will but aren’t sure where to begin. As well as special weeks like Remember a Charity Week, some solicitors such as McClure Solicitors now offer free Wills and free Will reviews, and can reassure you about some of the myths surrounding gifts in Wills. Here are six of the most common.

Myth 1: Making a Will is expensive

A typical Will, will cost around £150, but do check with your local solicitor as they may have offers such as a special reduced price. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for Will campaign weeks such as Remember a Charity Week. Many solicitors will offer reduced Will writing or even free Will writing services during these weeks.

Lancashire Wildlife Trust has recently partnered with McClure Solicitors, who offer free Wills and free Will reviews, regardless if you gift anything to a charity. There's no catch - it’s free for you and free to us.

Myth 2: Making a Will is complicated

It can take less than one hour to write a Will, but being prepared is key and to make it easier for you, we’ve created a handy downloadable document you can print off and take to your solicitor. You can find it at the bottom of our legacy webpage.

Have a think about who you want to benefit from your Will and how much you want to leave them.

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Myth 3: I have to make a choice between my family or a charity

Remember that this is your Will and your wishes. You don’t have to make a choice between anyone: who you leave a gift to is up to you. Once you’ve looked after your friends and family, please consider leaving a small part to a cause that you believe in.

Myth 4: I can only leave to one charity

You can nominate up to several charities and specify what type of gift you want to leave. You could leave an equal share of your remaining estate, or you could leave a specific gift such as a vehicle, a painting or even jewellery.

Myth 5: A small amount won’t make a difference

No matter the size of your gift, it will make a difference. Here are some examples of the amazing things we could do with a gift in your Will:

  • £1,000 can help us buy educational resources that will allow us to bring children closer to nature
  • £5,000 can help us buy materials for nature conservation on our reserves
  • A vehicle can help us transport volunteers to our nature reserves for practical conservation days

Don’t forget that you can talk to us if you’re unsure about your gift. If you’re kindly thinking about leaving something to nature in your Will, we’d love to hear from you.

Myth 6: Once I’ve made a Will I can’t change it

You can update your Will at any time. Any changes to your Will are called a codicil – an official alteration. You may want to update your Will if you get married, separated, have children or grandchildren, or are buying your first home.

Don’t forget that McClure, our partnered solicitors, also offer free Will reviews which you may want to take advantage of.

Leaving something in your Will after you’ve taken care of family and friends is an incredible gift that will help us to conserve our region’s most threatened wildlife and wild place. If you have kindly considered wildlife in your Will, we’d love to hear from you.

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