Polytunnels are growing places

Alan Wright

It’s been a bumper summer in the Brockholes polytunnel with Lindsay Griffiths and her fellow volunteers providing lots of wild and wonderful plants.

The polytunnel has always been an excellent nursery for reeds, grown for sale to other nature reserves and agencies, including the Canal and River Trust. Reeds started at Brockholes now form parts of reedbeds on the reserve and many others in Lancashire.

Lindsay has been particularly keen to grow wild flowers and insect-friendly flowers - many of which grow on the reserve. Seeds are collected and cultivated.

These flowers are sold in the shop, to the Wildlife Trust Education Team for use in their school grounds work and to other agencies, like the Friends of Astley Park in Chorley.

Salad crops and soft fruit grown in the polytunnel are used in the restaurant at Brockholes.