Standby Productions joins us a corporate member

Standby Productions joins us a corporate member

We are delighted to announce that Standby productions, an environmentally minded video production company based in Manchester, has joined us as our new corporate supporter.

Standby Productions will be donating one per cent of their turnover to our peatlands project, to support our work restoring these precious habitats and fighting climate change.

Peatlands are the unsung superheroes of our natural world, not only providing homes for lots of rare and specialised plants and animals, but also being able to absorb and store huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. In fact, peatlands are able to store twice as much carbon as forests, making them a vital natural resource in the fight against climate change.

Cottongrass - Little Woolden Moss

Little Woolden Moss is a rare fragment on lowland raised peat bog in Greater Manchester - Tim Prevett

However, as soon as a peatland is drained or damaged in any way that carbon gets released, contributing to harmful greenhouse gas emissions. And that is where our partnership with Standby Productions comes in. By supporting our peatland restoration projects, Standby Productions can help to make a real difference in carbon emissions.

We’re really passionate about nature and the environment
Simon Owen
Founder and Managing Director of Standby Productions

Simon Owen, founder and managing director, said: “We’re really passionate about nature and the environment and this past year has highlighted how important it is for us to do our bit to protect it. We initially approached Lancashire Wildlife Trust to donate trees, but they informed us that conserving peatland was in fact far more crucial due to the vital role it plays in the ecosystem - something I knew nothing about until now.

Simon and Ellen from Standby Productions at Little Woolden Moss

Simon and Ellen from Standby Productions visiting Little Woolden Moss

“On top of the financial donation, we’re going to be producing video content for LWT to use in awareness campaigns to help support its mission - and make people aware of something I also didn’t know was so important”

Standby’s team of directors, producers and creatives will also be volunteering for LWT helping with restoration and conservation work in the region. 

Standby Productions have produced an amazing film highlighting why we need to save our peatlands

We are absolutely delighted to be working with Standby Productions
Sarah Johnson
Lancashire Peatlands Initiative Project Manager

Sarah Johnson, Lancashire Peatlands Initiative Project Manager said, "We are absolutely delighted to be working with Standby Productions. A large part of Greater Manchester was once a huge peatland called Chat Moss, but sadly now only fragments of it remain. By working to restore these we are not only recreating helping to boost biodiversity, but also helping to halt the release of huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. However, this crucial work is simply not possible without the support of our companies such as Standby Productions. This partnership will help us make a real difference to the fight against both our climate and biodiversity crises."

The environmentally-focussed studio is also planning on becoming the first fully sustainable video production agency in the north.

Standby Productions logo

Simon Owen added: “We’ve implemented a series of changes to help us achieve this goal, and this is just the beginning. So far, the way we run our shoots and office have been revolutionised and we hope others will follow suit. It’s not often you hear a company calling for others to copy them, but in this instance, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

“On set, we’ve banned plastic water bottles and made refillable bottles mandatory; any leftover props, food or costumes are donated to foodbanks or charity organisations; and all call sheets and meetings are digital, for example.

“In the office, we’ve switched to sustainable suppliers so we don’t waste any energy and support ethical providers as well as using all natural, chemical-free cleaning products that don't harm the environment. Perhaps the biggest thing of all though is that we’re actively looking to work with others who share our goal. We’re encouraging all businesses to talk about their own environmental achievements or targets as now is the time to act and the more of us that are making positive changes, the better chance we have of saving the planet.”

Further information about Standby Productions’ corporate partnership with The Lancashire Wildlife Trust can be viewed on its new website’s dedicated environment page, by visiting   


To find out more about how your business could support our vital peatlands projects, making a difference our climate globally, by supporting projects on your doorstep, contact Fundraising Officer, Vicky Lamb, at, 01772 318376