Step back in time using the new Lunt Meadows app

In 2012, Museum of Liverpool archaeologists discovered a rare 9,000-year old Stone Age settlement at Lunt Meadows, and now, you can explore it for yourself through the power of augmented reality, right from your phone!

Lost to memory for nearly 8,000 years, the site was revealed to human eyes once more when, in 2012, the Environment Agency excavated a flood storage reservoir in the valley. Ancient flood deposits had preserved much of the site in a good enough state for experts to uncover fascinating secrets about its past.

How does the Lunt Meadows app work?

The new Lunt Meadows app tells the story of this ancient site and actually lets you step right into the middle of it. If out on the site, click World Mode to see the settlement super-imposed over the Lunt Meadows excavations, showing how it would have looked when it was in use. You can also use the site plan to explore the different phases in the life of the settlement by clicking on the menu tabs.

You can also investigate the app in what is known as Image Mode.  For this you will need to download and print out this site plan image with QR codes that will allow you to navigate small scale models of the site on your device when pointed at the image on a table surface.

The app has also been designed to integrate into a new display in the Museum of Liverpool, which will be available from 1 November and tells the story of the site with some of the archaeological finds discovered.

Ponds and pools at Lunt Meadows nature reserve surrounded by lush vegetation

The ancient history of Lunt Meadows

It is thought this ancient site was repeatedly visited over many centuries by small groups of some of the earliest hunter-gatherers in the region.  Lying in oak-hazel woodland, it was probably a seasonal base for people moving regularly between the valley, coast and fringing woodlands.

The settlers lived totally in the wild, relying on wild animals, fish, birds, plants, berries and roots for food. The woodlands and valley would also have provided important materials for clothing, shelter, fire and medicines.

Preserving Lunt Meadows’ history for the future

National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) has funded the app development through an Our Heritage bid. LWT and partners are now developing a Stage 2 bid that will include educational workshops and ‘sensitive’ visitor buildings on this tranquil and much-loved nature reserve. We are working closely with NLHF to ensure that all planned management and maintenance works are as sustainable as possible; ensuring that Lunt Meadows retains its character, wildlife and heritage while educating visitors about the lives of Mesolithic and modern man into the future.

Download the Lunt Meadows app from the Google Play or Apple app store, and step back in time during your next visit to this beautiful nature reserve.

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