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The Carbon Landscape Partnership is creating a wilderness among millions of homes in Wigan, Warrington and Salford. By improving and expanding these precious habitats, and building on previous restoration achievements, we are securing a better future for wildlife and local communities alike.

The project brings together the expertise of 14 partners, led by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. This is the first project under the Great Manchester Wetlands Partnership.


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Green motorways

As climate change continues to push our wildlife further north it is more important than ever that we are providing a safe area for them to move through. The Carbon Landscape boasts a huge variety of habitats, from lowland raised bogs, wet meadows, mire and fen to semi-natural broad-leaved woodland that, together, could form a vital green 'motorway'. 

These habitats provide homes for a rich diversity of specialist wildlife, much of which is reliant on well-connected habitats in order to thrive. Browse though our image gallery, below, to see some of the wildlife that calls the Carbon Landscape home.

Mosslands help us lower our carbon footprint
97% of our mosslands have been destroyed
Mosslands greatly reduce the risk of flooding
Explore the Carbon Landscape (c) Jill Jennings

(C) Jill Jennings

Marvellous mosslands

A healthy mossland will not only provide a key habitat for endangered and rare species, but can also soak up and store huge amounts of carbon - hence our name! In fact, mosslands store more carbon than all of England and France's forests combined.

These are ancient landscapes formed over 10,000 years ago that have played a huge role in our rich, cultural heritage and which now hold the key to our future. Mosslands also reduce the risk of flooding by soaking up water during periods of high rainfall and gradually release it over time.

Join us

Voluntary positions, free events, paid traineeships and upskilling opportunities will create a hub of inspired, local people with the skills to protect and care for the precious green spaces right on our doorstep. 

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Bog Hop event on Little Woolden Moss

Local children having fun at a Bog Hop on Little Woolden Moss. Photo: Lydia Dayes

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