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Wildlife recording

Species to record

We need help finding sightings of a number of important species. Here are nine wildlife species that we'd love for your to look out for and to send in your sightings.

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Help to conserve your local habitats and species by sending in your records

Depending on the area you are in you will need to submit your wildlife records to different places. 

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Submit a Lancashire record

All records in Lancashire can be submitted online at iRecord. To do so just click on the icon to the left, or email a spreadsheet to lern@lancashire.gov.uk.

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Submit a Merseyside record

All recordings in Merseyside can be submitted online at Rodis. Please submit by clicking on the icon to the left, or email a spreadsheet to info@merseysidebiobank.org.uk 

Submit a record to Mersey BioBank

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Wildlife recording

Local naturalist groups

A number of local naturalist groups are involved in recording the wildlife across Lancashire, Greater Manchester and North Merseyside. If you want to get involved, click the button below to find your nearest group, or you can support our recording work by becoming a Wildlife Trust member.

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