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Experts in environmental education and landscape work

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What we can offer

Here at Lancashire Wildlife Trust we offer a school grounds service, which aims to add a unique, creative and eco-friendly element to your school grounds.

We have expertise in both environmental education and landscape contract work, which means we have the capacity to help you along every step of the way - from initial planning and design to construction and maintenance.

We’ve worked with hundreds of schools over the years, installing a number of outdoor classroom facilities and focal points, working with schools to build upon their already brilliant vision.

Features we can install in your school grounds

Outdoor classrooms

Outdoor seating circle

(c) Emma Ackerley

A dry, mud-free seating circle, complete with fire pit, removable parachute cover and soft woodchip floor. Providing enough space for a whole class to sit together.

Raised ponds

(c) Emma Ackerley

A secure structure that promotes freshwater aquatic species to ensure great pond-dipping sessions can take place in your school grounds. This is really useful when covering life cycles.

mud kitchens

(c) Emma Ackerley

Spacious mud kitchens are fitted with a sink, table, blackboard and shelves - perfect for baking mud pies!

Wooden sculptures

Narnia - the ice queen wood carving

(c) Emma Ackerley

Choose your favourite storybook characters or why not let the children choose and run a competition? These wooden carvings are handmade with a chainsaw and made to order, so we can create whatever designs you would like.


(c) Emma Ackerley

Wooden features are a great way to promote imaginative play while toadstools and chairs are perfect for teachers to read stories from; the perfect way to  carry on English language learning outside.

Archways and willow walks

willow paths

(c) Emma Ackerley

Willow tunnels are fabulous way to create excitement and wonder in the school grounds. We'll plant the willow around September-November, weave the structures and teach you how to maintain them. They're beautiful and fun to wander through, and the children will love playing hide and seek and running around in the tunnels the willow creates.

Living features

Raised beds

(c) Emma Ackerley

Raised beds are a great way for children to get stuck into gardening skills. Teach your children how to plant, grow and harvest vegetables and edible plants with these easy raised beds. Quick to install and easy to maintain.

Minibeast hotel

(c) Emma Ackerley

Minibeast hotels are essential lifelines for local invertebrates, and an important group of animals children need to learn and care about. A range of habitats under one roof, attracting bugs, solitary bees, spiders and other beneficial minibeasts to your school grounds. Using natural resources we build a durable and practical minibeast hotel. You can even get the children involved.

Using local natural materials to make something beautiful

(c) Emma Ackerley

The Forest School area they built just offers a completely different experience for the children, we'd definitely recommend them.
Mrs Rachel Leaper
Freckleton C of E Primary in Preston

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