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Wildlife recording

What is wildlife recording?

Wildlife recording doesn't have to be technical or use specialist equipment, it's just that - making a record of the wildlife you see. Your records could be kept as paper lists, spreadsheets, pictures, videos or even audio recordings.

Why is wildlife recording important?

Recording wildlife is a wonderful way to connect with your local nature. Over time, you'll gain a deep understanding of how the plants and animals around you respond to seasonal changes, when certain species tend to emerge and even when something might be wrong in the wider environment.

This is exactly why wildlife recording is so important for wider nature conservation. It helps us understand how wildlife is faring in our region, when it needs our help and when it might be affected by things like pollution and climate change. By submitting your records to your local record centre, they can then be used to inform decision-making, educate the community, carry out research and even inform local planning.

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Help to conserve your local wildlife and wild places by sending in your records

Depending on where you live you'll need to submit your wildlife records to different places.

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Submit a Lancashire record

All records in Lancashire can be submitted online using iRecord. To do so just click on the icon to the left, or email a spreadsheet to lern@lancashire.gov.uk.

Submit a record to LERN

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Submit a Greater Manchester record

All recordings in Greater Manchester can be submitted online using Rodis or MapMate. Please submit by clicking on the icon to the left, or by emailing a spreadsheet to info@gmwildlife.org.uk 

Submit a record to GMLRC

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Submit a Merseyside record

All recordings in Merseyside can be submitted online using Rodis. Please submit by clicking on the icon to the left, or by emailing a spreadsheet to info@merseysidebiobank.org.uk 

Submit a record to Mersey BioBank

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Wildlife recording

Local naturalist groups

A number of local naturalist groups are involved in recording the wildlife across Lancashire, Greater Manchester and North Merseyside. If you want to get involved, click the button below to find your nearest group.

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Species to record

We need help finding sightings of a number of important species. Here are nine that we'd love for your to look out for and to send in your sightings.

A hedgehog walking through fallen autumn leaves

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Without the support of our members we wouldn't be able to survey wildlife to monitor how our most vulnerable species are doing. With your help, we can buy trail cameras and carry out even more wildlife surveys.

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