New Year just a snowfall away

New Year just a snowfall away

House sparrows by Dave Steel

The blinds drawn back and me straight into the role of Grumpy Father Christmas, created by Raymond Briggs. “Bah-Humbug.” thought I. The day began with me searching for an oasis within this desert of snow. #12DaysWild

I know it seems so negative of me to look at the Winter Wonderland scene that greeted me and my first cuppa of the day, but after a lifetime of watching the trials and tribulations of our rapidly declining wildlife my FIRST concern is their welfare. Snow is not something they want in their struggle to get through winter.

Bird feeders filled, their water baths replenished and my wildlife oasis came alive. A few photos from the kitchen window but my feet were restless and Chat Moss beckoned, the search for its snowbound oasis was on.

(Visit our mosslands in the New Year- Astley, Little Woolden, Highfield).

An area left less tidy offered food and shelter of sorts - meadow pipit, dunnock and wren. The comfort gained for my concern spurred me on to wander our Sahara of Snow.

Four grey partridge actually took advantage of the snow and diligently found food. The Snow scene was being captured by several people, as the draw of a different sort of mosslands landscape than the norm drew them from home.

House sparrow from a nearby farm took shelter in a hawthorn hedge, whilst a reed bunting decided where next it must go to find food. The local kestrel looked a little peeved as it tried to dry out its feathers, after having the mammoth task of trying to find food scurrying deep within the snow.

The snow persisted, the sun tried to help, four Magpies looked on.

New Year a snowfall away. All the best to everyone. We certainly NEED a positive year to come!

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