Survival out on Chat Moss

Survival out on Chat Moss

Robin by Dave Steel

It’s always a concern of mine once a snowfall starts to freeze, for straight away I realise that the struggle to find food for birds, like the thrushes, gets so much harder than usual

Frozen ground means no access to worms, so it’s time for the recent mixed flock of redwing and fieldfare, that had been about, to move restlessly onward from the moss in the hope of finding food.

Chaffinch found a meal in a stubble field, which held spilt grain from this year’s harvest, and a I spotted 240 pink-footed geese heading for the Lancashire coast - possibly Martin Mere.

A song thrush was finding food under a tangle of brambles, and a flock of at least 1,000 jackdaw filled the air with their calls. A robin kept to its easy-going style and posed for the camera while the moss still held onto some of its winter coat.

The Wildlife Trust works throughout the year on many peatlands including nearby Astley Moss.