The Big Give set to double donations for one week only

The natural world saved us, now we must save it. Between 22 April - 29 April The Big Give will double any donation you make to help us create Nature Recovery Networks right across our region.

When our world was falling apart, our comfort zone vanished and even hugs were banned, one thing kept our spirits high... wildlife.

Nature was something we could continue to embrace, when our families and friends were out of reach and we were socially distancing during the pandemic.

Birds, bees, butterflies, mammals, flowers and trees were often a new experience for many people, while others knew they could rely on these wonderful, miraculous plants and creatures to lift them up every day.

But despite all of this, we are still allowing wildlife to decline and, in some cases, disappear. Are we so ungrateful that we won’t do anything to help it?

Bluebell Woodland - Dean Wood

Becka Colley-Foster - Bluebells in Dean Wood 

It’s time to give something back to nature. We believe the best way to do that is to create Nature Recovery Networks across the region. Individual nature havens do not work without pathways between them, for wildlife to wander and grow.

We've started an appeal to raise £10,000 to help us creating Nature Recovery Networks close to you. We have teamed up with The Big Give who will match every pound you donate, meaning we have a chance to raise £20,000 to make a real difference to local wildlife.

Campaigns Manager Alan Wright said: “My daily walks in nature have been the only escape from lockdown and the heart-breaking news we have had from the pandemic.

“Getting out into nature has put a smile on my face: blackbirds singing, butterflies fluttering around, the smell of wild garlic, the sight of bluebells and a weasel hunting along a river bank.

“These experiences have raised my spirits and helped me to put my worries aside every day. We cannot let them disappear for future generations. That is the crisis we are facing unless we do something about it, now.”

A female common blue butterfly feeding on knapweed

Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

We're asking people to think big and join up nature by creating recovery networks before it’s too late; a movement where wildlife and people thrive together.

Wildlife is disappearing at an alarming rate - some are calling it the next mass extinction - and the threat of climate catastrophe is a constant worry.

Alan said: “We can all do something about this, putting nature into recovery and creating a society where people and wildlife live in harmony and help each other through bad times.”

We want nature to be a part of everyone’s everyday life, joining up our wildlife and natural systems and creating places where communities can enjoy the huge health benefits of time spent with nature.

Nature Recovery Networks don't just create habitats for wildlife and, but offer opportunities for people to get out into these wild places or create their own nature reserves at home. Every garden or park can be part of the Nature Recovery Network.

You can help by donating to our Creating Nature Recovery Networks appeal. There has never been a better time to support your local wildlife.

If you donate via our campaign page on The Big Give between midday 22 April - midday 29 April, The Big Give will double it. That's one donation with double the impact.

Play your part in natures recovery.

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