Green courier firm, EcoSpeed, have passed the £100,000 donation mark!

Little Woolden Moss - Andy Hankinson

Since their inception in 2011, green courier firm, EcoSpeed, have donated 10% of their profits each month to support peatland restoration projects across Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside – and their total donations have now passed £100,000!

Our Natural Carbon Capture scheme offers a way for companies to fight climate change on their doorstep, whilst compensating for their carbon emissions. And EcoSpeed wanted to do just that.

Their donations are being used to fund the restoration of carbon capturing peatland habitats across our region, many of which are in degraded states and actively emitting carbon into the atmosphere. However, with EcoSpeed’s support many of these habitats can be rewetted and restored, ceasing this carbon emission and eventually returning them to a state in which they can absorb carbon again.

Large heath butterfly at Astley Moss

One of the first large heath butterflies to fly on Astley Moss in over 100 years! By Andy Hankinson

And let’s not forget about the vital habitat that our peatlands provide for lots of rare and specialised wildlife, such as the large heath butterfly, which has recently been successfully reintroduced onto Astley Moss near Salford.

EcoSpeed Director, Jay Knight, said:

“We wanted our business to have a USP and had looked into other carbon offsetting schemes, but most of the options were for offshore schemes in other parts of the world and we wanted something more local."

EcoSpeed Director, Jay Knight and daughter Myla at Astley Moss

EcoSpeed Director, Jay Knight, and daughter Myla finding out about how EcoSpeed's donations have supported peatland restoration projects at Astley Moss

"I grew up in Greater Manchester and have spent my whole life birdwatching around these parts, so the fact that the money is being used locally is really important to us. Knowing that we are helping to support the environment and wildlife of our local area is fantastic, and we have even had the opportunity to actually visit some of the sites that our donations have been able to help support.”

Lancashire Peatlands Initiative Project Officer, Mike Longden, commented:

“EcoSpeed’s donations have made a huge difference to our work. We have lost more than 96% of the lowland raised peat bogs in our region, but by restoring them back to health they create amazing habitats and globally important carbon sinks."

"It’s wonderful to be supported by a company who really care about the work that we do and about making a difference on their own doorsteps.”
Mike Longden
Lancashire Peatlands Initiative Project Officer

Steve Gravener, EcoSpeed Director, said:

“It’s great to have passed the £100,000 donation mark! We never thought we’d be able to give that much money, but as the business has grown it’s gone beyond our expectations.

EcoSpeed logo

“The business is quite successful for many different reasons but our partnership with Lancashire Wildlife Trust is definitely one of them. The courier market is very competitive and the fact that we can offer these green credentials differentiates us from other businesses and our customers really respond to that.

"We have also found that it has made a difference to us being able to win contracts with larger national and international firms.”

As an organisation, The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside receives no government funding and so support from businesses is vital. By supporting our Natural Carbon Capture scheme, your business can help to compensate for your carbon emissions and fight climate change on your doorstep.

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