Liverpool is going green in 2019

Liverpool is going green for 2019 and encouraging people to care for their natural world.
Logo for the Year of the Environment 2019: Liverpool City Region initiative

This will be a year of green action across the Liverpool City Region, where people from all backgrounds will have the opportunity to be involved in projects that improve the natural world.

The aim of a number of organisations involved in The Year of the Environment 2019, including The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside, is to leave a better environment for the next generation to inherit and make our area one of the best places in the country to live, work and flourish.

Have you seen wildlife such as hedgehogs, red squirrels, rabbits, sparrows or perhaps something more unusual? If so we would like to know and you could be part of the Liverpool City Region Greenspace Challenge.

As a part of the Year of the Environment, the Greenspace Challenge is being launched to learn more about wildlife across the region. You can register your favourite green space, pledge to visit it and record sightings of wildlife there.

There will also be events across the region throughout the year, advertised at: and

Or maybe you would like to register your own event?

The Year of the Environment 2019 is a fantastic opportunity for individuals and organisations to get involved and come together to promote the existing, extensive and excellent work being undertaken across the region as well as forging new and lasting cooperative partnerships to better engage and communicate with new audiences.

The aims of the Year are to:

  • Support the National Year of Green Action
  • Help deliver the Greenest UK city region
  • Highlight the economic contribution the environment provides
  • Increase children and young people’s connection to nature
  • Showcase outstanding blue green assets of the Liverpool City Region
  • Celebrate and promote the range of local environmental organisations
  • Encourage a range of practical actions that inspire
  • Use 2019 as a catalyst for ongoing positive environmental behaviour

These aims fall under eight environmental themes:

  • Air quality
  • Climate change and resilience
  • Green spaces, habitats and biodiversity
  • Connecting and engaging with nature
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Sustainable energy
  • Waste reduction
  • Water

Further information

Year of the Environment 2019 website:

Register for the Greenspace Challenge:

Register your pledge for the Liverpool City Region Year of the Environment: