Parliament declares a Climate and Environment Emergency

The UK makes history as the first country in the world to declare a Climate and Environment Emergency.

Our natural world is in a critical condition. Whilst we have secured some laws for protection in the UK and the EU, these are rarely well enforced and do not provide for nature’s recovery. The recent protests by Extinction Rebellion highlight the urgency of the situation. People across the country are standing up for nature’s recovery and a Wilder Future, calling on Government to take urgent action before it’s too late.

We are seeing signs that parliament is listening, with the passing of a motion yesterday to declare a Climate and Environment Emergency. But it is not enough, we now need to see action.

Extinction Rebellion

The Wildlife Trusts welcome the recent protests by Extinction Rebellion because they have triggered much more debate about these issues. It is now time for Westminster’s politicians to support an ambitious Environment Act to kickstart nature’s recovery at home, and show leadership to the world.

It is time to stop damaging our wild places and pumping out carbon by building new roads. It is time to start capturing carbon and letting wildlife thrive through major investment in our natural world, most urgently through peatland restoration. It is time to pass new laws for nature’s recovery and accelerate action on climate change.

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