Squirrel pox outbreak in Formby

Squirrel pox outbreak in Formby

Luke Massey/2020VISION

We are currently experiencing a squirrel pox outbreak in Formby, in the Lifeboat Road area.

We would like to contain the disease within this area and prevent it from spreading throughout the rest of Formby, so we are asking for help from the local community and visitors to Formby.

What is squirrel pox?

Squirrel pox is carried by grey squirrels but they do not suffer from any symptoms. However, it is fatal to red squirrels who will develop lesions around the eyes, mouth and on the paws and will usually die within a couple of weeks. 

It only takes one grey squirrel to introduce pox into a red squirrel population, but it is then transmitted readily between red squirrels. In the last few weeks we have received numerous sightings of grey squirrels in Formby.

What can I do?

Please report any sightings of healthy, sick or dead red squirrels to Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

Please click here to use the form to submit sightings of healthy red squirrels.

To report sightings of grey squirrels or sick or dead red squirrels, please call 07590 745862 so we can deal with them quickly. For more information about what to do if you find a sick or dead red squirrel, please see the information sheet below.

It is important to remove any squirrel feeders as these increase the risk of the disease spreading between squirrels.

If you have any concerns, please contact Rachel Cripps on 07590 745862.

Please click the document below for information about who to call or what to do if you find a sick or dead squirrel